Trent Murphy started the summer off right at the Ronald McDonald House at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., on Friday.

TM, along with two Washington Redskins cheerleaders, headed to the Ronald McDonald House Family Room to meet with children and their families—and it was a fantastic event for not only those in attendance, but also for Trent.

“It’s big for me. It’s very rewarding,” Trent said. “A lot of times you get so focused and busy with what we do at the facility and trying to improve as a team and playing football with OTAs and working out and you kind of lose sight of who you can impact and what you can do to give back to the community. To be able to be back here, have that reminder, it’s huge. Just having any kind of impact on the community is big time.”


Trent did arts and crafts with the kids, played some video games, had snacks and more for a few hours in his second visit to the Ronald McDonald House. And he was able to draw from his own childhood, growing up with five sisters, to help the children have a special day.

“I have five sisters I can thank for this, but I was teaching one little girl how to braid, which is probably not a lot of defensive ends’ strong suit,” he said laughing. “We were playing ball, coloring, drawing, reading and [had] some room visits. It was a pretty fun day.”